Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reducing my carbon footprint

Ok, so I have this grand plan (well at least an idea of interest)! I am thinking that I will try this only eating from produce that comes from within 250km of my place! I'm sure you've all heard of the concept by now...if you buy produce from a limited radius from around your house the theory is that you will reduce your carbon footprint (less food kms/miles), support local producers, eat seasonally available food and if you're lucky might even be a little healthier. You will definitely know where your food comes from, you will know how is it produced and you can start to take control of what goes into your body. The concept sounds fantastic, it is the logistics that are the nightmare, particularly for those souls that live in Australia. Well, it seems that way to me anyway.

I have recently moved to the Sunshine Coast and now seemed to be exposed to a plethora of produce at weekend markets. I get the feeling though that a lot of it is still coming from the Brisbane fruit and vegetable markets rather than the producers themselves. Also there seems to be a significant lack of protein producers at these markets too, so unless you're totally vegetarian the markets don't seem to be meeting all of the requirements.

Hence, the logistical nightmare. If I go ahead with this plan it will be extensive question asking for a period to establish the locality of the production process for my food and perhaps some carbon footprint increase due to me driving around finding and sourcing the produce.

I am still keen for the plan, just have to start the process! Also the 250km radius is just an arbitrary distance around my house from which I thought I could obtain a fair variety of produce throughout the year. Pin It

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