Saturday, May 28, 2011

Anger with Climate Change Deniers

This morning I have been listening to a podcast, one of the "Conversations with Richard Fidler" on ABC radio. This conversation was with Naomi Oreskes. This was on ABC Radio on the 18 May 2011 and she has recently co-authored a book called "Merchants of Doubt".

Basically Naomi has recently been examining the history of science, with a particular interest in climate change. Her new book examines the people that have placed question whether human-induced climate change is real. The conversation that she had with Richard was fascinating and has made me even madder with these "climate change deniers".  If you can download the conversation from the ABC website or ITunes I recommend it, or perhaps you can look into Naomi on YouTube as there are several presentations of hers on that website. Hopefully this can provide you with a bit of a reality check on the science of climate change and some insight into the background of the people that have placed doubt on human-induced climate change.

She also had some great insight and advice that she has picked up through her travels in the podcast. One snippet that I thought was useful was a comment along the lines of : it isn't that we want you to necessarily change your lifestyle for the worse, but rather make your lifestyle more sustainable in nature. We are a clever species and thus given encouragement and fact we could provide alternatives to the technologies and issues that are causing significant environmental degradation.

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