Saturday, May 21, 2011

Now we'll be 'cooking' with worm juice!

Recently we left behind my veggie patch and worm farm in Brisbane and moved closer to the beach on the Sunshine Coast. This has been a challenging move for me as currently we aren't growing our own food to any extent and I have literally been chucking great garden waste and kitchen scraps into the landfill bin (the Council rubbish bin). Not a great way to improve your environmental footprint!

Nevertheless, today I am feeling a little better about everything because we purchased a worm farm. Yes, this one is a purchased one. Last time I built one out of styrofoam broccoli boxes and left over flyscreen. The one I have bought is a rectangular one from Tumbleweed, made from recycled plastic and this time I have put in the full complement of the 1000 worms (last time only put in 500 being the cheap skate that I am). See if I can get some better results than last time.

At least looking forward to putting the kitchen scraps (fruit and vegetables) somewhere that will reduce my footprint rather than the rubbish bin. I will post on the progress over the coming weeks/months. Pin It

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