Monday, April 25, 2011


Recently I attended something along the lines of a gardening club meeting for permaculture enthusiasts or so I expected. Since I didn't even really have a concept of what the underlying principles of permaculture are I thought this could at least be a place where I could meet like-minded people in my new neighbourhood.

In my previous review of permaculture principles (just reading a basic library book many years ago) I really did think permaculture was some food-oriented gardening practice and at the time wasn't suited to me. However, just attending this meeting and then being linked with some useful websites I believe that I may have a greater understanding and appreciation for the principles of permaculture and certainly how it applies to your garden but further how many of the principles can be applied throughout your life if you're looking to create a lighter footprint.

Given this, I am going to review some more information to gain a better grasp of the concepts and determine its applicability to me and my life (and the garden which I am looking to create). Definitely looking forward to the journey! Nevertheless, I do believe, as with most things I look into, I will take and apply it to my life the way I see fit and not to the letter of some document or person's perspective and given this, anything that I post on this blog will be tainted with this view. Pin It