Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ever heard of being an Ecotarian?

I hear a podcast on ABC radio the other day which discussed the concept of being an ecotarian. I had never heard this term previously. The guest on the show discussed their previous vegetarianism which transcended into veganism. Their food choices were based on their concerns for the welfare of animals and the manner in which they were produced, transported and slaughtered. However, this all changed when their neighbour offered them a couple of fresh eggs from their free-range chickens that lived on their neighbour's lovely rural property. At this point the guest on the show thought about this offer and couldn't really justify (based on their previous parameters) why they shouldn't take the eggs from their neighbour.

Many people's choice to become vegetarian or vegan is primarily based on animal welfare issues, but when you produce your own food and know the full process of how the animal was cared for, its environment and potentially how and where it was slaughtered many of the welfare issues fade into the background and become irrelevant. People's food choices might therefore change solely from animal welfare to sustainability issues relating to the production, transportation and sale of food products brought into their lives.

I am not suggesting anyone change their eating strategy I just found it an interesting concept which I hadn't discovered previously. Pin It

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