Monday, May 23, 2011 you do it?

If you haven't heard already it is very important to recycle anything you can. The slogan "reduce, recycle, reuse" is a great mantra to follow in everyday life. I have however, sometimes got on my high horse and announced that it is no good recycling if you're not going to choose products that have recycled content. But I have come to the realisation that isn't necessarily true, as there is the need for more than one plastic bottle that I might recycle to produce a recycled content product that I might like to buy in the future. Thus, I need everyone to recycle!

Furthermore, it is important to choose products with recycled content, as this follows the "reduce" part of the slogan. This is because you will be using less primary resources and creating a more 'closed' system rather than continuing mine or gather intact primary resources. It also goes someway to also committing to the "reuse" principle because you are re-utilising a resource just in a different form. Such re-use does however still require more resources in the product's transformation process so in fact it is better if possible to reuse things in their original state. 

So, if you're going to be recycling your toilet rolls then best to buy recycled content toilet paper. It isn't as scratchy and nasty as it once was or perceived to be and does the job just as well! Alternatively, if you're ultra keen just use the toilet roll instead of toilet paper.       :)   Peronsally, I'm just at the recycled content toilet paper. 
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