Friday, May 27, 2011

Feeling overwhelmed?

Recently I subscribed (online) to a magazine called Green : sustainable architecture and landscape design and think I found some of the most useful advice for a person starting to investigate greener options for their life in Issue 2.

An article by Jane Toner and Erika Bartak called "Material Matters" provided the following insight:

"If you  feel overwhelmed...try to prioritise your materials goals and give some focus to your research. While improving environmental impacts for each and every building material may be a noble ideal to uphold, it is better to achieve small successes with priority items than to feel totally swamped and end up changing nothing, deferring to the "usual suspects"."

I often feel overwhelmed and do end up choosing the easiest and most readily available product, but if I choose one item/issue to tackle then perhaps I might end up in the end making a greater difference. Let's see how I go. Pin It

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