Friday, May 6, 2011

Gourmet Farmer...great TV series

A little while ago the SBS aired a series called the "Gourmet Farmer", where food critic Matt Evans decided to leave his Sydney life and re-connect with the land and the origins of food. Basically, he decided he would become a farmer, aiming to provide for himself and sell some of his wares locally to get by. 

I love this series and the idea of it. I think the notion of growing your own food and being able to provide for yourself is very romantic and idyllic lifestyle. Obviously there is a lot of hard work, pain, suffering and a completely different lifestyle (than I am currently leading) if you get down to the practical side of this, but nevertheless the idea to me is infinitely attractive. 

I have borrowed the DVD of this series from my library and currently trolling my way through it. My daughter and I sit and watch the farmer and his progress together. I love the fact that my daughter is being exposed to food production in its truest form, along with me and realising how you can transform bare resources, to your own food and then turn the produce into something called "dinner" or a "treat". Fantastic. Enjoying journey this so much at present.   Pin It

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