Saturday, June 18, 2011

You got to water your worms!

I knew that you had to keep your worms moist, I just didn't know how 'moist'. As you are aware I tried to construct a worm farm at my last residence (see Worm Farm Construction), but didn't seem to be making any head way with the worms and I certainly wasn't drowning in worm juice as some of my friends were. Well I recently bought a commercial worm farm and according to the "instruction" for this kit you are suppose to pour about 5 litres of water over your worm farm each week. Obviously this creates a lot of worm tea and you use this as a fertiliser on your garden. At this rate I will definitely be selling the stuff!

A friend of mine has since told me she doesn't use this method (drowning worms in water weekly) but still manages to get an adequate amount of worm juice. Well, now I am completely confused and don't know what to do. Any tips, advice is welcome. Will have to look at that worm website that I posted a couple of posts ago (see Worm Farming) and see whether the worm master has any advice.

Anyway, I do know that I have too much green waste to put into my worm farm and will have to continue to throw some of this away until we are set up in our new residence later this year. Pin It

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