Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Saved a fence!

You just never know where you will find something useful in life! Wandering through my local township I  did a double take when a pile of fencing caught my eye. There just lying next to a shed was a large pile of dismantled white picket fence. This had been taken down from a courtyard area behind a shop in the main street. There were some landscapers working on what was clearly a new fence and I thought "opportunity"!

Quick conversations between myself and the landscapers and it was established the fence was going straight to the tip. Can I have it, was my obvious next question? Clear it with the boss and its yours. Fabulous. After an early morning trip back to the location, this time with a ute, I am now the proud owner of a pile of old picket fence segments and now slowly dismantling them into single palings and supporting beams.

Why some of you might ask? Well in the near future I will be moving house and I plan on acquiring some chickens. I thought the palings would make a good edge for my chicken run or at least allow the chickens to have an outdoors fenced area separate from my two dogs.

Felt proud of myself for salvaging this fence and re-using something that would have otherwise ended up at the tip, potentially as compost. It certainly would have had a much shorter life-cycle than it was capable of having! All sorts of things can make a difference to the planet and this is just one of them. Reduce, reuse, recycle! Pin It

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  1. Yeah, they should bring back the good old days when you could scavenge at the dump and reuse things. Good find.