Saturday, June 25, 2011

Historic Tasmania forest protection agreement

Recently (22 June 2011) Environment Tasmania and the Australian Conservation Foundation signed an agreement to move towards greater protection for Tasmania's old growth forests. The idea behind the agreement seems to be greater protection for native vegetation forests, in the form of additional areas of Tasmania dedicated into conservation reserves and a transition approach to a sustainable forestry industry.

I believe all environmental movements/protests that directly impact on people's economic well-being have to address these economic and welfare situations in the solution. It certainly appears that these two environment groups are proposing sensible options to provide transition and adjustment for the industries that currently rely on these resources.

The agreement does however rely on the government to provide backing to this agreement and these groups are requesting people indicate their support to the local members of parliament. The GetUp website has an automated message generator indicating people's support for this agreement and provides you either with the name of your local member of parliament if you're in the area or provides a list of relevant members of parliament in the area that you can direct an email to.

Go on, show your support for the Tassie forests and some sensible transition strategies that will in turn support environmental outcomes. Pin It

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