Sunday, June 5, 2011


I am going to try and grow my own pineapple!

I bought one from the side of the road the other day and thought perhaps I should try to grow my own. I have read recently that growing pineapples isn't that difficult. All you need is the top of an old pineapple and basically stick it in the ground and watch it grow! Hence, the inspiration, recent knowledge and pineapple = hairbrain ideas that I might be able to do it myself!

So what I have done is:

  • Buy the pineapple
  • Eat the pineapple
  • Cut all the fruit off the spiky top of the pineapple
  • Take some of the smaller leaves off the base of the pineapple top
  • I dipped the base in some agricultural sulpur (as suggested by Gardening Australia); and
  • Now drying/curing the pineapple top for approximately a week
When I return home at the end of the week, apparently my pineapple top will be ready to plant. According to the above webpage all I need to do is plant it into some good potting mix, with enough space for a 1.5m high by 1m wide plant. They can also apparently be grown in pots, with the recommendation being a terracotta pot because they breath and drain well.

Let's see how I go. Pin It

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