Sunday, April 4, 2010

Worm Farm constructed & in action

What to do on a long weekend? Implement something that you have thought about for a while....for me construct a worm farm. I had done the background research...I knew what I needed to do, the equipment required, the motivation to do it and finally a place to put the end product (the veggie patch).

I had purchased:

1 box of 500 worm farm worms
1 hessian bag

I had obtained from hand-me downs and things around the house:

3 styrofoam boxes
1 flyscreen
1 local newspaper
1 roll of plastic masking tape
some food scraps (fruit & veggie)
1 bucket of potting mix

With all the right ingredients I started work. I patched up the holes in one of the styrofoam boxes with the plastic masking tape. Hope this is enough to ensure that the worm juices don't get lost out of the bottom of the box. The other two boxes I lay a piece of flyscreen on the bottom keeping the holes exposed. The flyscreen ensures the worms don't fall through the bottom of the box but their fantastic worm juice can pass through to the collection box. I then placed damp shredded newspaper in the bottom of one of the boxes, added the potting mix, then the worms and finally some yummy worm food (ie the food scraps).

If you're wondering what the second box with flyscreen in the bottom is for. Well, it is a back up location for the worms. Once they have created enough poo and sludge in the bottom of their current abode I can place them into the second flyscreen lined box with some potting mix and damp newspaper again and then clean out their old digs.

Once the worm farm components were complete, I put the 'spare' house/styrofoam box on the bottom, the plastic taped box in the middle and then the worms' box on the top level of my styrofoam box stack. Over the top I placed a damp hessian bag ensuring the worms have a nice, dark, damp place to hang out in. All this now lives under a hedge in my front yard, near my veggie patch, close to the kitchen and in the shade.

Let's see how we go. Now get to work little munchie worms! Pin It

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