Monday, June 27, 2011

National Food Plan

The Australian Government is requesting submissions on its National Food Plan. The idea behind this plan is to integrate food policy with the examination of the food supply chain, protection of food security in Australia and develop ways to maximise food production opportunities. The government plans to look into all avenues, from production through to consumption.

Minister Joe Ludwig has released an issues paper to inform citizens about the development of the national food plan.  Also as part of the consultation strategy, the government is planning on holding a webcast about the plan, which you can register for now.

Food Connect is supporting this consultation process and encouraging members to participate in the submission process. Food Connect believes that "small, alternative food systems..."should be supported by the government, with the aim of reducing the dominance of the two large supermarket chains. According to Food Connect the government's advisory panel has currently only invited the two dominant supermarket chains and the Grocery Council to participate at present. You would think that the advisory panel would be far more balanced and informed if the government provided a broader representation on the panel with individual representative companies and groups also asked to participate.

I will keep my eye on this in the future, but feel free to take action yourself. Pin It

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