Thursday, June 23, 2011


Freecycle aims to reduce the amount of usable/re-usable items going into landfill. Groups are locally based, with volunteer moderators. Members use a bulletin board to 'advertise' things that they would otherwise be throwing out and might be of use to other people. Almost anything can be listed, you just need to want to give it away and it can be in any condition. The idea is not to sell these things or seek a fee but to give the items away.

It is amazing what people give away. Recently, I managed to get a lot of garden plants for my friends in Brisbane that were impacted by the floods. Other things that have taken my fancy, but I wasn't successful in getting (first in first served type arrangement generally) have included juicers, pots, water tanks, piano, dolls, toys, puzzles, etc, etc. I have however, managed to get a lot of crafty items for my local day care. Not only have I managed to get some interesting items, I have also managed to get rid of a lot of the clutter around the house without being concerned about whether it will be utilised by the local community group or just chucking things into the bin that someone else might be able to use.

If you're interested you sign up to your local network (see if there is a Freecyle group near you) and then choose whether you want to receive individual emails or daily digests. Each group has different members, different interests and different items available.

Another way to reduce your environmental footprint.

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