Monday, April 12, 2010

The Pacific and global warming...what will be the impact?

I have started to think about how I might make a difference to the broader global community in terms of the environment. My daydreamings have led me to thinking of climate change refugees and in particular how island communities within the Pacific region (my neck of the woods) will be affected.

I am now further developing my daydream to think about how I can assist communities that are likely to displaced as a result of global warming/climate change. I thought perhaps there is a job through one of the aid agencies or non-government ogranisations that I could fill and thus just step into action. Well, I haven't found it yet. Perhaps I need to create my own job. Passionate people can make all sorts of things happen.

I guess I first have to find out which communities will be affected in the Pacific and see what tasks need to be undertaken either to assist them to adapt to their new conditions, go to task with governments (be that their own or other nations) to assist them further or perhaps relocate them (but where to and is it as easy as that?).

I recall from my memory that there are communities within PNG already starting to be affected by climate change or needing relocation as a result of sea level rise. I know there seems to be more frequent storm events within the Pacific and surely this creates issues for local communities. More research on my behalf is needed before action is warranted. Pin It

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