Friday, April 2, 2010

My veggie patch

I love gardening, although I am fairly lazy! The idea of having my own veggie patch is something that I have desired for a long time. Last summer my partner and a mate were instructed to rip up the front lawn and construct me a veggie patch. After some long weekends, I ended up with a three bed veggie patch. It isn't in the best location regarding sunlight, particularly during the cooler months, but it is doing well.

Food fresh from your own veggie patch is satisfying on both a personal satisfaction level (producing your own products) and for its fantastic taste! Who could therefore complain about this relaxing past time.

Currently I have pumpkins, eggplants, carrots, capsicums, watermelon, cucumber, snow peas, cherry tomatoes and basil in my veggie patch.

I am really just fumbling through the learning process and think that I probably have my first bug issue - leaf suckers on my eggplants. But it has been an entertaining, relaxing, educating and productive exercise. Pin It

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