Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My poor veggie patch

Aaarrrrgghhhh! Bloody dogs! I have two wonderful dogs that I love to pieces, but I knew when I created my veggie patch that the two should not mix. I just knew that my dogs would not assist my aspiration of veggie production. Because of this we constructed a chicken wire fence around the accessible boundaries of the veggie patch to ensure the dogs couldn't access the veggie patch. No digging or plant destruction...that was the theory.

Over the course of the existence of my veggie patch, the gate to which I access the garden has slowly become less stable and the fence post has come away from the chicken wire. And today at least one of my dogs got into the veggie patch through my conveniently located access point..the gate. As a result my best producing capsicum plant no longer exists, snapped off at the main stem, a few of the spinach plants are squished and a squash plant destroyed (thankfully this one was only a seedling).

It could have been worst, but I am definitely mourning the loss of the capsicum plant! Boo hoo. Have to get out in the garden and fix that fence otherwise all my hard work will be lost to an inquisitive dog! Pin It

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