Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Environmentally aware

I think it is important not only to try and become environmentally responsible within your day to day activities, but also become aware of the environmental issues the rest of the world is facing. In light of this, I will be drawing your attention to some of the environmental issues that cross my radar and post information on this blog.

Earlier this month a bulk carrier (large boat) carrying coal grounded on a section of the Great Barrier Reef off the central Queensland coast. The relevant authorities are now looking into the incident to determine its cause as well as addressing the issue of an extremely large boat being stuck on a piece of coral reef! According to the latest press release the captain of the ship states there is no oil leak, although in the popular media news report I watched this evening they reported of oil slicks in the vicinity of the boat. (I don't personally trust much of what the media reports but contrasting information always makes life more difficult). Reading some of the other media statements however indicate there may have been some oil lost to the ocean but perhaps the latest is that there isn't oil leaking any more. Attempts will be made in the near future to refloat the boat, hopefully with little or no additional damage to the reef.

Such events vary from moderate to catastrophic impacts on these delicate environments and I find it difficult to understand when shipping goes wrong in these areas. People should be aware of the environmental sensitivity of areas within which they travel, including captains of extremely large ocean going vessels and they should take appropriate care and risk management approaches when in such areas. People's blazay nature astonishes me. Pin It

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