Saturday, April 3, 2010

Becoming green

I am overwhelmed with the ideas of becoming greener in my life. The thoughts flood in most of the day, am I using too much dishwashing power, is the powder I choose to purchase just a green branded product or is it really better for the environment than some of the leading brands that dominate the supermarket shelf, should I turn the light on, how long is too long to have the fridge door open, is my economical car truly the most economical and most efficient for the amount of money I can outlay, blah blah, blah, blah. The thoughts just keep coming.

Then when I get two minutes to myself of an evening (after the toddler is in bed) I don't seem to be motivated enough to research any of this stuff that takes up the back of my mind most of the day.

Maybe the day will come when I can provide some insight, but presently it takes all of my energy just to jot down what I am doing or trying to do. I'll get there, but will it be in time?

Look forward to hearing of other people's experiences and efforts. Pin It

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