Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top 10 green building trends

I just found a press release from the Earth Advantage Institute posted on the Green Architecture and Building Report website outlining the "top ten green building trends in 2011". It was an interesting read and certainly shows that there is so much to learn about and to consider. New vocabulary alone will take me a little while to remember and grasp.

The article outlines both personal and commercial trends for this building industry sector.  The top ten trends for 2011 as outlined by the Earth Advantage Institute are:

  1. Affordable green
  2. Sharing and comparing home energy use
  3. Outcome-based energy codes
  4. Community purchasing power
  5. "Grid-aware" appliances fuel convergences of smart grid and smart homes
  6. Accessory dwelling units
  7. Rethinking of residential heating and cooling
  8. Residential grey water use
  9. Small commercial certification
  10. Lifecycle Analysis

Have a look at the original post and full analysis at: http://www.gabreport.com/2011/01/top-ten-green-building-trends-for-2011. This is an American website, so it is important to note that we here in Australia might be a little behind the times. I did notice the term and concept "right-size" housing, in their analysis, as one that seems to have been covered in a previous year's trends. This is one concept that I think we here in Australia are only just starting to grasp but despite being a little out of step is one that we should all still consider.

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