Monday, September 26, 2011

The journey has begun....

As you have seen from some of my previous posts, we moved into a new home recently, with the idea we would become a little more self-sufficient and enjoy the Queensland outdoor lifestyle a little more.

We have now started the transformation of our house from a typical suburban/semi-rural house into my "dream" home.  So, what have we done in the three weeks we've been here?

  • installed a black cold compost bin;
  • started to clean out the gutters on the house to ensure we collect maximum amounts of rain that hits the roof (as we are on tank water);
  • checked out the water tanks and determined they require some maintenance works;
  • got a water filter for our drinking water;
  • started getting quotes for solar hot water systems; 
  • enquired about grey water;
  • put in some herbs and lettuces in small areas in the garden; 
  • investigated heat-retardant blinds for the western facing rooms; and 
  • started planning where other permanent garden features/beds will go. 

All of these have all been done in spare time around work, other commitments and this week around colds (guess it all caught up with us). But it has been fabulous being outdoors, having each morning greet us with visits from the local native birds and a lovely sunset view in the evenings.

No matter whether you've been in your space for a long or short time, view the natural world with new eyes and see what can be done around your place.

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