Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photos of new garden

Here are some photos of my new back yard. Hopefully in the future a little more productive in the way of human food production than it currently is.

Looking down slope (west facing unfortunately)

Looking back at the house (upslope)

Looking across the slope (south-east) towards my neighbours and through my native vegetation

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  1. Glad the move went smoothly Susan. Looks like you have a wonderful blank canvas to work with and create your ideal veggie gardens and home food production area. It's an exciting part of the journey - we're working on our kitchen garden in zone 1 around our house and enjoying watching it come to fruition. Despite having space to grow in the garden, we eat a huge amount out of our pots and containers near the house!

    Perhaps growing some 'chop and drop' plant species for mulch (like lemon grass and arrowroot if you don't aleady) might help with retaining moisture in the garden without having to buy bales in. In the warmer months we've found they grow an amazing amount of biomass which suits this purpose.

    We have got to know our neighbours well and share the mowing on each others' properties - they have a large slasher and small hand slasher and we have different mowers and a mulcher so we share our time and equipment to help each other out because one machine just doesn't 'fit' all parts of our respective properties. The areas they slash with long grasses leave huge piles of grass behind which we use for free mulch on our place. It's a little old fashioned neighbourly relationship with a win-win outcome. For areas that need mulch to stop the soil drying out but don't need anything too aesthetic, this is a perfect solution for us.

    Enjoy your new adventure!