Friday, September 30, 2011

Hark.....a bird!

Sitting here on my couch in semi-rural Queensland, I can hear a bird calling from the bushland adjoining my block. It has a distinctive call and certainly not an owl or one that I would generally associate with night-time activities. But nevertheless it is calling across the countryside and I wonder what type of bird it is. Turns out it is a Common Koel. 

This species migrates between Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia, returning to Queensland and New South Wales for their breeding season. And this is the time they appear on our doorsteps, letting me enjoy enjoy their lovely calls in my backyard. 

A useful website that can help you identify the bird calls you may encounter, particularly in your backyard, is the Birds in Backyards top 40 bird song website. 

Enjoy your night-time antics and perhaps it might include a little bird call identification or spotlighting for native animals with the kids!
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