Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Low VOC paints

I have been researching availabilities and brands of low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints as part of a renovation process for our new home. When I started this investigation I found it quite frustrating. There didn't seem to be many companies advertising the VOC levels in their paints and I also had concerns about the level of greenwashing associated with these products.

I used the ecospecifier database to assist me and found a locally producing company, Rockcote, produced a number of low VOC paints. I was particularly excited about this because they were local. Then the next thing I discovered was the supplier of this paint was geographically further from me than the producer, which I found quite funny.

The next hurdle I discovered is that many of the low VOC paints producers are creating only very neutral colours or just white. What happens if I want a flare of colour? Finally I found the Dulux Wash and Wear paint is actually low VOC and available in a numerous colours and finishes. Wow!

Excellent, now that I have a choice of products, colours and suppliers I just have to get out and purchase some! Then the hard work will really start. Pin It

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