Monday, March 29, 2010

Worm Farming

I have always thought having a worm farm would be a great idea. Until now though I really hadn't got anywhere in my mostly native garden that would benefit from the nutrient rich output. But now that I have a veggie patch, I will actually be able to utilise the riches that result.

In my droolings of wanting a worm farm I have seen a number of commercially available worm farms, but surely it isn't necessary to spend all that money and utilise new products when I could 'reuse' some older products.

I have done a little bit of research and today went to the green grocer and got some styrofoam boxes (previously stored corn apparently). I got ones with holes in but it seems it would have been better if I had got some without holes (broccoli boxes for example) and perhaps with a lid. So that is my start.

Now I have to purchase the worms and invest in a hessian bag or at least find an old one (for a lid). Once I have managed to source these essential requirements and constructed the worm farm I will post some photos and provide some insights into the building process. Pin It

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