Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sew your own clothes

Why? Well my logic is that I know that it isn't made in a sweat shop. I am pretty sure that most of my clothes are currently made in such circumstances as I haven't made the effort to seek alternatively made clothes and/or don't want to spend a bucket of money. As such this is an exercise that challenges me and will take a bit of willpower.

I have started to implement this through inspiration from my mother (an avid knitter and excellent seamstress). So far I have made my daughter a basic skirt with cute pockets. It seems I overestimated the size and she will grow into this skirt rather than just walking out of the study (where the hand-me-down sewing machine lives) with it on. I also made myself a skirt from the same pattern. It is alright when you hold it against yourself, but I think the style isn't something that a modern female would wear anywhere outside the bounds of their house. But hey I have started and it gives me an idea of the type of clothes that I might be able to make (in terms of skill) and style (you can't try it on before you create it).

I think my comfort level (that is, whether I will be happy to walk out into the world wearing these clothes) with the finished product is currently low because I lack any sewing skills. I will just have to accommodate these flaws whilst learning the craft and figuring out how to properly cut the material prior to the sewing process.

Let's see whether my passion for undertaking this task lasts very long. Have to remember that the costs of the fabric and patterns are likely to be less than I would spend on clothing purchased in the store (surely that has to be a motivating factor), it is an original one off product, not made with slave labour and maybe in the future will be nicer than the clothes you can buy off the shelf in any of the stores. Pin It

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