Sunday, March 28, 2010

Consume less

Well this seems obvious and yet in a society which consumes many more products than they actually need the desire to keep up with the Jones's because it is the societal norm seems to make this one tricky.

Consume less of what?..everything. Less food. Portion control is a great saver of food, so is appropriately planning shopping. How many of the food products that you pay hard earned money for go into the bin or compost?

Do you need another skirt or can you make do with the last one? I don't know...this can be tricky sometimes. I know that boys are pretty good at not needing a new pair of undies....when they actually should have purchased a new pair 6 months ago!

The motto that many are familiar with is "reduce, reuse, recycle". So reduce is the first point of call.

Food for thought. Let's see if I can make any changes to myself and my lifestyle that picks up on this theme. Pin It

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