Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Climate Smart House Inspection

I have booked in to have my house "assessed" as part of the Queensland Government's climate smart house inspections. This program checks your house to determine the appliances consuming the energy in your house.

I have my suspicions. My bet is the ratty old chest freezer and little fridge in the garage. I have energy efficient light bulbs, I turn most of the appliances off at the wall, I have a fairly small house and only a small LCD tv (the smallest one you can really buy that isn't a computer screen and only bought after the last tv died). Perhaps also the air-conditioning in my daughter's room that we run overnight might add to the power bill as well.

So next month they will come (yes there is a bit of a wait) and install my wireless power monitor, replace light bulbs (although I don't actually have any they will need to replace) and give me a water and energy efficient showerhead for my $50. I am really just paying for it for the power monitor the rest as I said have either replaced myself or got when they were doing the waterwise house inspections (they checked my showerhead then and said it was as water efficient as the one they were going to give me).

My hope is that we will become aware of how much energy each of our electrical items consumes and costs us and then may make some appropriate decisions to either down size or upgrade to more energy efficient appliances. Pin It

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