Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Salvaged fence...part 2

In the middle of last year, I wrote an entry about saving a white picket fence from my local town. When I saw the fence I imagined that it would come in handy at the new house we had bought so I went about "rescuing the fence". Once saved, we took it home in the back of a ute and stockpiled until it came time to move into our new place.

It was time to move into our new house in August 2011 and until the Christmas break the fence was just moved and stockpiled under the new house (to be exact, under the washing line). For the last few months, I have carefully moved around it with care as I hung out the many loads of washing and on several occasions imagined myself tripping over parts of this fence leading to some serious injury as it sent me tumbling over the retaining wall. Thankfully this never happened and we have now installed most of the components of the fence in the area that has been designated as part of the future chicken enclosure.  Yipppeee!

Here's how it looks at the moment.

The purpose of this section of the chook yard will be a "free range" area that the chickens can choose to be in, if the dogs are pestering them in the bigger backyard. Not sure if the dogs will be chicken chasers but better to be safe than sorry!

Will post pictures when the yard and coop are finished!

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