Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day

Each year on the 26th January Australian's have a public holiday day to celebrate "Australia Day". Do you know this day really signifies?

In 1788, the Australian first fleet landed in Sydney and declared British sovereignty over the land. With the commemoration of this event occurring on "Australia Day" since the early 1800s to commemorate this landmark.

Despite the established tradition of this celebration there is however, some controversy with this day.  This controversy arises because at the time of the declaration by the British people, Australia was home to numerous clans of Aboriginal people, not terra nullis as some believed at the time.

My understanding is that many indigenous people find the commemoration of the declaration of the British colony in Australia not a cause to celebrate but in fact a reminder of much death, destruction and persecution over a long period of time, which some people are still experiencing. It therefore can be a significantly painful day and one that some might consider not a day to celebrate.

Perhaps Australia Day could in fact become more of a remembrance day for events that have past and a celebration and a time to embrace all the cultures that now occupy our nation, including our traditional land holders. Pin It

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