Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Science SuperMum

I am all in for a bit of morale boosting, but to make the rest of us feel a little worse about ourselves to me isn't justified. My friend's boss sent them an article posted on the ABC website about a physics professor and how fabulous she is for balancing such a challenging role with parenthood. I think my friend's boss was aiming for inspiration, but really they got it all wrong. The way the article is written makes it seem that we should all be achieving such accolades and attempt to be super-human in all facets of life. Please!

I say survive the best way you can in the roles that you choose or have to undertake. Take pleasure in the small things and appreciate as much of your life as you can (even though I don't remember these mantras very often). Broaden your horizons and make the most of what you can. 

Anyway, for those that want to read the original article, have a look at "A fetish for photons". 
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