Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Garden tips...wet weather projects

We have just had a couple of days of heavy down pours where I live and this has provided me with inspiration to get into the garden. Not only is it not too hot, but it means that some of the typically hard labour jobs have become a little easier.

I spent the afternoon pulling out clumps of grass that have escaped into my garden beds. With the rain, the soil has softened significantly and it is easy to grab these clumps and remove a lot of the roots along with the tops. Such a task would typically involve some sort of shovel or other garden implement and the removal of a large amount of soil to even grab the root ball. It would also certainly otherwise leave a lot of the roots in the soil, in turn just bringing new sprouts with them.

Another task I have previously tackled after similar weather is the complete removal of established plants, mostly shrubs. Much of the established gardens in our new place have typical garden plants and my preference is to re-establish these gardens with mostly native plants. So, in an attempt to salvage these plants and allow other people to utilise these plants in their gardens, removing them in wetter, water-logged soils means less damage is done to the root stock and in turn the plant is more likely to survive after being transplanted.

So my suggestion is to get out there and experience the difference in your garden and maybe get on top of some of your weeds or medium-sized projects. Pin It

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