Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Opportunities missed?

I have been dealing with a number of issues in my professional life lately and feel that opportunities I might have usually taken or would have been given to me previously are passing me by. But overall I believe that I am comfortable in the decisions that I am making. Decisions in recent instances have been for both selfish reasons, but also reasons that I think will ensure my child is a better person as a result of these decisions.

I was just reading another blog about doormats (people being doormats that is) or more precisely 'how to be a nice person without coming last'. The blog was quite uplifting for me in my current situation and spoke about if you close the door on a particular instance, be that professional or personal, more opportunities are likely to come your way as closing the door gives you more room in your life to open other doors or have them opened for you.

Well, I am looking forward to new opportunities. Bring on the peace and happiness in myself and my life.

Sorry the details are scant...but didn't want to truly bore you with the detail. Just felt like purging and why not do that on an open forum such as this blog. :) Pin It

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