Friday, July 9, 2010

Climate Smart Home efficient light bulbs

Just thought I would post that I am not too impressed with the couple of energy efficient light bulbs that my Climate Smart Home inspector put into the few light bulb fittings in my house that weren't already this format. The one in the hallway that he put in seems to take 'forever' to illuminate. So much so that I actually generally double take back to the light switch because I don't think I have actually turned it on. However, the light starts to glow just as I re-reach for the light switch and reminds me that it wasn't me it was just the light bulb taking forever to glow.

Not sure whether this is the brand/type etc of energy efficient light bulb that they have put in, but none of my other ones in my house have this delay. It is just bugging me a bit. Pin It

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  1. Dear Susan,

    Some CFL models are designed to delay when switching on to allow the CFL to last longer. However, it is not common for ClimateSmart Home Service customers to experience the issue that you have described in your post.

    If you would like the ClimateSmart Home Service to investigate your issue, can you please call 133 600 or log your feedback in the online form at

    Your sincerely,
    ClimateSmart Home Service