Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Animals in your backyard

Do you know what native animals visit your back yard? I have a small to medium sized block in the northern suburbs of Brisbane and I am amazed at the number of species that do frequent my backyard throughout the year.

Here is an initial list of species that I know have visited my backyard over the last five years:
  • Australian magpie
  • Southern boobook
  • Little wattlebird
  • Silvereyes
  • Brown honeyeater
  • Scaly-breasted lorikeet
  • Rainbow lorikeet
  • Green tree frog
  • Laughing kookaburra
  • Torresian crow (a lot of them)
  • Australian white ibis
  • Azure kingfisher
  • Black-faced cuckoo-shrike
  • Blue-faced honeyeater
  • Crested pigeon
  • Figbird
  • Magpie-lark
  • Noisy miner
  • Pied butcherbird
  • Spangled drongo
  • Sulphur-crested cockatoo
  • Pheasant coucal
  • White-faced heron
  • Eastern reef egret
  • Willie wagtail
  • Blue-tongued lizard
Nasty pest species that come and visit my backyard all too often:
  • Common myna
  • Cane toad
  • Feral pigeon (or rock dove)
  • Spotted dove

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