Sunday, July 18, 2010


I currently have some broccoli growing in my veggie patch. It is going really well. We have significantly trimmed the hedge that shelters the veggie patch during this time of year and before I put the latest round of seedlings in I pumped quite a lot of chicken manure into the ground as slow-release fertiliser.

The reason though for my post is because I have been fascinated at the water repellent qualities of broccoli leaves. When watering the veggies most of the veggies I have in my garden retain water droplets on their leaves after finishing watering, but not broccoli. Broccoli leaves immediately bead water and then it rolls off the leaves.

It is fascinating (well at least to me) and it certainly has made me wonder why broccoli has evolved this ability. The silver-grey leaves and water droplets are beautiful in the winter afternoon sun. Keeps me entertained.

Anyway, let's hope the broccoli manages to produce a good crop. Keep you informed. Pin It

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  1. Had a fantastic crop and loved the produce. The flowers were also spectacular when you let them go past fruiting