Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What makes your place your home?

What features do you love about your house? What makes it your home rather than just a building in which you occupy? Is it the garden, the environmental features, the kitchen where you create masterpieces for your family and friends?

I love my garden (perhaps fairly obvious from a number of my other posts) it has my veggie patch but it also has a great big shady tree, a lot of natives which I have planted over the last few years, a couple of cages for the wildlife that I use to look after when I was a wildlife carer and now the garden supports a lot of children's paraphernalia. It is a great space that we share with the dogs and I love just hanging out there.

I think the part that I dislike about the house is the fact that it doesn't support more features that make it more environmentally friendly or community oriented. I would love to be off the electricity grid. I also would like it if the kitchen was more a central feature of the house where people could hang out when I was cooking, presently it is too small and feels overcrowded if anyone but my toddler hangs out in it with me. And the last but not least would be to place it in a more community feeling suburb. We hardly know our neighbours apart from waving hello at them when they come into their driveways. I think this is a sad indication of the state of our suburbs.

Anyway, what do you like/dislike about your house/home & why? Pin It

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  1. Interesting... this is a big topic in my house at the moment. My house does not feel like "home". I know I could improve this if I invested some time in the garden... putting some roots down, literally!

    My biggest problem though, is that I do not feel even slightly connected to the area or the community I live in. I am realising now, that even if I found my dream home here... it still wouldn't be enough.

    The answer then??? Not sure yet.. it's a work in progress. How to make this place feel like home... hmmmm....