Thursday, August 26, 2010

Detroit, USA

Detroit was once a thriving, bustling city. But now it seems that nature is returning to the suburbs. I was listening to a podcast the other day about how the central city area of Detroit was previously a place considered undesirable to settle down with your family and the urban sprawl began with people seeking the security of the suburbs and bringing their thoughts of owning their own home in a 'nice' neighbourhood.

This typical system was all running well and then through various factors, many of the industries and commercial activities left town and unemployment rose. This led to people leaving town and now it turns out that the nature that was once over-run by a large sprawling city is now returning to the area and in some cases not waiting for the bulldozer to clear a path but just adapt to the 'new' environment that has been left for it. The city is in 'ruin' and nature is taking advantage.

A blog post discussing this reclamation by nature over Detroit can be found at: It has some photos showing how nature is taking over the city.

Not a process that you often hear about. I wonder how many towns in our modern world will end at this point for a whole variety of reasons.

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