Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Take 3 campaign

The Take 3 campaign was started in 2009 by Tim Silverwood. The idea behind the campaign is the reduction of plastic and general pollution in our waterways and ocean. The premise is that when you visit your nearest waterway or beach, you take three pieces of rubbish away with you and put them in the bin.


As you're aware from one of my previous posts there is a giant garbage patch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Apparently the scientific community believes that it is impossible to actually eradicate this plastic pollution from the ocean. But, further plastics can be prevented from entering the waterway and becoming part of this floating garbage soup!

So, maybe you could adopt this as a something you do the next time you visit your nearest creek, waterway, beach or coastal region and get a warm glow on the inside for making a difference to your local and global environment. Pin It

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