Thursday, February 9, 2012

How much energy does your household use?

Would you like to know exactly how much energy you use in your home?

CSIRO is conducting a study examining 500 homes across Australia (Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne) to look at how much energy households are using for cooling and heating. The researchers are presently looking for households that would like to one of the 500 households.

One of the conditions of entry is that your house has to be less than ten years old, which removes my household from participating, as well as many of the people I know, but if you meet the criteria you can sign up and reap some of the benefits.

Have a look at their website: to see if you are eligible to take part.

Benefits that CSIRO states households will receive from participating include:

  • learning how to reduce your energy bills;
  • a report on your home's heating and cooling energy performance;
  • a set of infrared photographs that show if you are losing heating and cooling and where it is going 
  • $100 cash for looking after and returning a pair of thermometers; and
  • some homes may be eligible for installation of an energy monitor, valued at $1500, to provide online access showing where your electricity is being used.

I think this would be so cool, particularly the photos of your house showing the heat/cool leaks!

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