Friday, December 30, 2011

Gardening Gloves

I have tried out a number of types of gardening gloves since I have become passionate about gardening.  My latest acquisition has been a pair of gardening gloves with a rubberised palm and a knitted back of the hand and fingers section (like the ones in the picture).

(Source: Glory's Garden)

I have been using these for about four months now and have found them fantastic for general weeding and digging around the garden. I particularly love them when I am weeding either early in the morning when there is a bit of dew around or after a sprinkling of rain. These gloves allow you to get out into the garden at these opportune times without getting your hands wet and muddy (as often happens to me with many of the gloves I have previously owned).

Also these gloves are pretty good at resisting prickles, but I wouldn't try and pick up a thorny rose branch without still having a little caution about the thorns. And the stretchy fabric on the back means your hands don't get too hot and sweaty even when working in the heat of the day (although I try to avoid this time of day at the moment).

Bring on the fine weather for more special gardening moments and achievements!

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  1. My mom also has a pair of gardening gloves with rubberized palms and knitted backs. She loves using this type of gardening gloves because it’s soft and very comfortable on her hands. She says it provides good grip while working on wet metals and other gardening equipment. Although it’s already old and almost worn out, she still uses her trusty ol’ gloves today. But I do plan to buy new ones for her soon!

    >Malinda Chaudhry