Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do you read books?

If you're still in the paper realm of books (which I love) a library is a great source of reading material and overall reduces your environmental footprint!

How you might ask? Well, instead of producing book material only for your personal pleasure, which once you've read it often ends up on your bookshelf, libraries allow many readers to access the same material, thereby reducing the number of times the book or reading material needs to be printed and in turn reducing the amount of raw materials required!

Other ways to improve your environmental footprint whilst still enjoying printed books:

  • purchase books/reading material for your collection but share them with friends;
  • if have books that you don't want anymore, hand on to friends, give to charity bins, hold a book swap, freecycle;
  • buy second hand books, particularly from charity organisations;
  • catch a bus to the library; or
  • car pool to library.
If you're worried that you're local library doesn't have the specific book or type of books that you like, quite often libraries can buy books that you like (if they deem them likely to be attractive to a wider audience) or alternatively they may have an inter-library loan service (this may attract a small fee depending on the location of the material you require). Pin It

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