Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pineapple update

In early June I wrote about my quest to grow my own pineapple from a top of a pineapple I purchased on the side of the road. 

At the time of the post, I hadn't planted the pineapple top yet, but was letting it cure, as recommended by Gardening Australia. After the week of rest I planted the pineapple top into a styrofoam box (for ease of transportation) with some potting mix and sugar cane mulch and maintained as with any new seedling/plant, with a nearly daily watering regime. The tips of the leaves did brown off during the early stages, which concerned me a little and just prior to our move I thought it was going to give up. But I am pleased to announce there is new life in my pineapple top, in the form of new central sprouts since arriving at our new place. 

Now I just have to continue my maintenance program, worm wee every now and watering every few days and maybe in a couple of years I can tell you how succulent my pineapple is. Here's hoping! Pin It


  1. Getting a worm farm is on my to-do list! But unfortunately I m not a natural green-thumb.

    Does it lake that long for a pineapple?!? Wow!

  2. According to what I have read! I never knew this until I planted the top and it seems like a big effort for one pineapple, but love to experiment with these things. Looking forward to hearing about your worm farm