Thursday, April 5, 2012

Long weekend! Woo hoo

What are you planning for the next four days? (For those that are under a rock or live outside Australia, all States in Australia have two public holidays either side of this weekend for Easter). For those that aren't particularly religious or completely un-interested in religious activities here is a list of things that might tickle your fancy to keep you busy for these four days:
  • relax;
  • vegetable patch planning or maintenance;
  • bit of weeding;
  • riding your bike along your favourite waterway;
  • hang out in a tree (for all those kids);
  • setting up a worm farm or a compost bin;
  • de-clutter to make space for positive vibes;
  • order a rainwater tank;
  • plant a deciduous vine on the western wall of your house;
  • hang out with family and friends;
  • eat fair-trade and/or organic chocolate;
  • recycle or freecycle some 'junk' around your house;
  • sit on the beach and take in the breath-taking view & when you're finished take some rubbish from the beach;
  • go bird-watching;
  • visit your local national park;
  • see what activities your local Museum or library is holding;
  • plan your garage sale to take part of the Garage Sale Trail in May;
  • see what you can make out of bamboo;
  • have a swim at your local pool, watering-hole, river, creek or beach; 
  • go camping; or
  • set up a herb garden. 
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