Monday, December 20, 2010

Dishwasher tablets

I recently purchased one of the 'Green Earth' dishwasher tablets that are suppose to be better for the environment than the traditional leading brand tablets. I was feeling good about my effort, but ran into some trouble in that these tablets were in fact almost leaving my dishes dirtier than I had put them in. This lead to multiple washings and ensuring that the dishwasher had more 'normal' (non-environmentally marketed product) rinse aid. All in turn making me feel that I was in fact creating a larger footprint but using more typical cleaning products, running the dishwasher multiple times or washing the dishes by hand - more water usage and when using the dishwasher again more electricity, etc, etc.

So I thought rather than just keep this to myself I would whinge to the company about it. I thought their speed in response amazing. The reason that I am posting about this is because they have offered an alternative method of loading these tablets into the machine to ensure they dissolve appropriately and clean my plates and I thought it best to share this experience rather than everyone having to either complain to the company or just wear it and not use the 'environmentally friendly' (as marketed) product in their dishwashers).

The tip is to place them directly into the bottom of the dishwasher rather than loading them into the little flip lid compartment which opens during the wash. Apparently this will allow the tablet to dissolve appropriately. I am yet to test this but will let you know if it makes a difference. Pin It

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  1. I have now tried this and it seems to work. Dishwashing machine is working with clean dishes coming out at the other end!